Digital Printing 

Indigo Running

The digital department is Typo Colour Printing Specialists’ new pride and joy. The success of the relatively newly established department has injected new life into the company’s desire to move with the times and forge ahead with the latest technologies. Head of this department, techno-driven Armand Coetzee, ensures work is carried out effectively always keeping good workmanship in mind.

The Israeli-made Indigo 5000 produces high quality print images that can be compared to almost any Litho print. It is reliable and has 24 hour support from suppliers. With Digital printing, there are no plates or make ready which makes it possible for the company to produce jobs from start to finish on the same day or next day. Two shifts of highly experienced printers and finishers are on hand giving customers peace of mind no matter the complex nature of the job in question.

The other advantage of digital printing is that the colour is 90-95% accurate to Litho printing offering the opportunity to proof most of the Litho work on coated paper for the customer to pass a colour correct sample.

Indigo Running

A Mimaki wide format printer delivers quick printing of posters, banners and vinyl products. The mimaki is capable of printing decals on a vinyl substrate and then kiss cutting them to any shape.

95 percent of the company’s finishing is done in-house affording the company to finish the jobs as they come of the press.